Message from Ben:

I’m very pleased to be able to let you all know that my treatment for cancer has been 100% successful and I am now in complete remission. It feels incredible to be back talking to you all and feeling well enough to start being back in action.


The overwhelming support I’ve received from everyone over the last 11 weeks has been a constant powerhouse. Every message, comment, and tweet really has meant a lot and not just for me but for Ross, Daniel and Andrew too.


We started this band 4 years ago and have had our fair share of twists and turns along the way but I guess this posed the biggest challenge to date. The initial feeling of frustration at having to park plans, shows, travelling and ideas became quickly washed away with a much more positive outlook. I’m not saying that chemo wasn’t a hard, difficult process but I think for anyone that is affected by cancer; there is a natural human positive instinct that takes over. For us this certainly happened. Over the last 11 weeks we’ve come together more than ever as a band and our now ready to pick up where we left off and get back out playing for you all.


Since getting the all clear we’ve been busy experimenting and trying new ideas, not just new songs but a new way of playing live. It’s been a time for planning and plotting. The summer and autumn are shaping up to be incredibly busy with 23 festivals and then our own UK and European tour. We’re sorry to have to say we won’t be able to make Selector Festival in Poland this weekend or Parklife in Manchester on the 11th June due to doctors advising against it. Our first show back will be Glastonbury on Friday 24th June.


Again, I can’t stress how important everyone’s support has been for Fenech-Soler and Teenage Cancer Trust. You’ve been amazing. It’s a chapter of the bands career that is now closed but won’t be forgotten.


Looking forward to seeing you all very soon.



Northamptonshire isn’t known for kicking out a huge number of great musicians from its ample landlocked bosom. Kings Cliffe, a wee hamlet snuggled deep within Northants even lesser so. But it is from this quaint little Parish that electro pop extraordinaires Fenech-Soler shuffled from. As a band, they’re quite young at only two years old. But they have a confidence about them that is beyond their years. But don’t fret pop-fans, this confidence is well justified.


The boredom that living in Kings Cliffe harboured in these young boyfolks encouraged them to sit in their rooms of adolescence and make music on their Crimbo present laptops and hand-me-down PCs. So we say praise the good Lord for not spewing them out into a interesting place (like, say ManChestHair). On this occasion, small town boredom paid off for us all. Huzar!


So let’s meet these whippersnazzlers shall we? First up we welcome to the stage the dishy-wishy-woo sweetheart hot stuff voice of a devilish angel, Ben Duffy. The clues are all in his introduction. We likes him doesn’t we? Yes we does. (Swoon). Ahem. Next comes his guitarist brother Ross. Ross is also both not-so-bad on the eye and brimming with talent to the point where we just want to grab him with our sweaty little hands and squeeze the little funkster until he pops. And then do a dance of glory whilst his talent juice showers down upon our gleeful faces. Then we’d put him right back together again in some sort of Humpty-Dumpty-esque and slightly macabre operation.  But he’d be back together once more and ready to play alongside Daniel Soler, which is the main thing. FYI, Daniel Soler is the next chap we want you to meet – he is the sizzling bassist and dabbler in keys. Finally, the one with the big guns and seated bottom is Andrew Lindsay. He is one bad-ass drummer. Together they create a sound that is surprisingly more electronic than rock. They mix it up, yo.


Look out fact fans! Here’s a few quick-fire facts flinging themselves your way:

Fenech-Soler is Daniel’s full surname. It’s Maltese. They wanted a band name that was un-pigeonhole-able. FACT.

Ross is still a student. (Song Writing. Brighton Uni.). FACT.

At Manchester’s In The City fest 2008, they were earmarked as ‘The Ones Bursting With Techno-Pop Potential’. FACT.

They’re bloody good. FACT*.


And there we go kids. That’s your lot. Come see these lads do their thang (fizzing keyboards, buoyant bass, ‘disco cowbells’ (we have no idea either) and ass-wiggling beats) in October.


*To be totally honest, this is more ‘opinion’ than ‘fact’. But it’s so widely agreed upon we’ve taken the liberty of jotting it down as ‘fact’. If you want to be really nit-picky then what say we compromise and call it a ‘FACPINION’? Or ‘OPINIACT’? Schweet.

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